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Become a Certified Fitnastix Instructor PLUS learn how to get customers with powerful digital marketing training.

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Our world is in the middle of a childhood fitness crisis

Quite simply, the tech – focused lifestyle we live is negatively impacting our children’s wellbeing.

And our children aren’t moving enough.

Obesity, and a slew of consequential illnesses and other afflictions hamper over 150 million children throughout their lives – affecting cognitive, social, emotional and physical development and well being. The bad news is that it’s getting worse: the number of obese children is growing – and is predicted to reach 250 million globally by 2030.

(Atlas of Childhood Obesity October 2019)

As exercise professionals working with kids, we’re doing a fine thing here on our planet:

By bringing quality programs to children, we give them the required exercise needed for health, teach them healthy lifestyle habits from early, boost their confidence AND have lots of FUN!

But it’s not easy. It’s a physical job that required huge dedication, enormous patience, never-ending creativity, physical energy and savvy business skills!

That’s why I created Fitnastix Academy

Fitnastix provides you with a world class fundamental
movement and fitness curriculum for kids.

It draws on the disciplines of Gymnastics, Parkour,
Rope Skipping, Functional Fitness and Yoga.

It has been taught since 1999, designed
just for children ages 4-9.

Instructor and business guidance from industry
experts, modeled on Gym Wizards blueprint.

You need never feel alone, unsure or out of
ideas again.

Have fun with physical activity at school, add to your program offering or start your own children’s virtual/onsite fitness business.

Professional Certification through Gymnastics SA

Officially Accredited by South African Professional Institute for Kinderkinetics

“Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation.
They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth,
those who care for and protect our people”

Nelson Mandela